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Postural Alignment & Exercise Therapy

Three exercises you can do basically anywhere to suppress musculoskeletal pain

The site of the pain is rarely the cause of the pain. 

The closer the body's alignment is to optimal design function, the greater the strength and resilience.

Find out what treatments we offer and how you can get access to them.

Are you someone with chronic pain? That is sick and tired of getting treatments and not getting lasting results??


Are you tired of getting injured and being in pain, again and again, because your treatment isn't correcting the underlying problem?


If you learn how to correct your alignment to achieve optimal design function, you can solve these problems!


Here at inner SiSU we help fitness, sport lovers and athletes to create a life free from limitation, relieve chronic pain and build strength & success the holistic way for lasting change.


How would you like to, reduce the level of pain, and the amount of times; you’re in pain or missing out on doing the things you love?


What would that do to your Confidence? Patience? Relationships? Happiness?


It all changed for me when I came across a corrective method that explained why I was continually getting injured and in pain, and gave me techniques that allowed me to relive pain basically, anywhere anytime and correct the imbalances id been trying to correct for 20 years.


Being able to go from daily chronic pain to having days free from pain, the change was huge for me! My energy increased, my love for life came back, I started to enjoy working on my goals and socialising again.


If think about this, for you and your life.

Do you fully understand why you’re in pain?

Do you have the techniques to relieve pain basically anywhere, anytime?


If not then you may, not only be causing your muscles, joints, nerves and organs more damage, you may not be fully aware of the impact its having on others you love, and you may be stuck in a downward spiral.


If you’re serious about relieving chronic pain, you want to do more of the things you love and no longer want all your patience taken up by dealing with the pain you feel, then book a discovery call with us.


What we’ll do on the call is:


✅ Full visual and functional assessment of your body

✅ Understanding how your body deviates from optimal design function,

✅ Diagnosis of whether your deviations are compensations or dysfunctions.

✅ Strategic Action Plan


This is a no obligation, free session. We make it free because one of the core areas to success is education on awareness, and our focus is on getting our clients results!


Our approaches have helped countless people around the world, and we offer the opportunity to those who want our help building out their strategic action plan.


If this isn’t for you, that’s ok with us.

The discovery session is all about you and either way, you’ll walk away with an understanding of your alignment and what you need to work on to correct it.


To get your discovery session, all you have to do is click on the "free assessment" button below and follow the instructions on the next page.

We look forward to meeting with you and you seeing how we can help you live a life free from limitation


Take care and we’ll speak real soon


Maximise mobility, power, strength, organ function

Optimise muscle use, balance, mental capacity

Reduce muscle stress & strain, fatigue, pain, overuse and injury

Enhance endurance, energy, recovery, confidence

Improve sleep, psychological health/performance, mood &

emotional control, appearance, productivity, efficiency

Aid in better digestion, breathing, 


and ultimately​

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