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inner SiSU was created based on the Finish meaning of the word 'SiSU' {pronounced see-sue}; the determination, strength and never give up mentality to overcome any challenge in the face of adversity.

Whatever your goal is, whatever your challenge is, you can use 'inner SiSU' to correct the imbalances of your body and mind to Relieve Pain, Enhance Functional Fitness & Breakthrough your Challenges Faster.

We are on a transformative mission: to cultivate a global community where individuals conquer both mental and physical challenges, unlocking a healthier, more vibrant life. Our vision extends beyond immediate change; it is about empowering his clients to become catalysts for inspiration and empowerment in others.

Driven by the core belief that everyone deserves to lead a life marked by well-being and fulfillment, we are dedicated to leaving a lasting impact. Through expert guidance in postural therapy and life coaching, it isn't just about adjusting the body’s alignment—it's about adjusting trajectories, ensuring that each client not only thrives but also becomes a beacon of positive change in the world.

Together at the Top


Inner Strength

Inner SISU is built on the meaning of SISU; having the strength, power, and never give up mentality to overcome any challenge in the face of adversity.


Our commitment is to provide an environment, where you are able to discover the magnitude of your own power and ability without fear of repercussion, judgement, criticism or shame.


Our mission is to Support, Guide and Educate those who are affected, or have been affected by injury, to deal with the challenges of injuries and to live fully and abundantly in all areas of life.

YOU Matter

It all starts with you.

It does not matter who you are, where you come from, what you look like, what colour you are, or what you have achieved in the past. All that matters is; you start where you are and you are committed to moving forward to where you want to be.


We understand that everyone is different, everyone’s life situation is different and so we personalise sessions to suit you, your finances, your time, energy and commitment.


Becoming a client of Inner SISU is all about lifestyle, having a never give up mentality and becoming part of a community to have an impact at a global level.


Our Passion is to Ignite, Inspire & Empower you, so that you can be your best, achieve your best and live your life as a Success.

Process & Strategy

At Inner SISU you can be rest assured our process and strategies are built on a holistic approach to create lasting change.

​Inner SISU was founded by Nigel Plumb, after the courage and inspiration he showed to keep getting back up in the face of adversity to overcome a debilitating back injury sustained while playing soccer (football) at a National level.​​​

The Team

nigel plumb nike.jpg
Nigel Plumb
Founder, and Principal
Postural Alignment Specialist, Strategic Intervention Coach  Massage Therapist

Nigel is passionate about mental health & well-being and focused on delivering results for clients not just in each session, but by building the key foundations and setting every client up for success in every area of life.

Nigel has a background in engineering which has given him the eye for detail, professionalism and complex problem solving. This combined with his Specialist skill set across Mindset & Posture Alignment, is seen to put him ahead of the rest.

Some of Nigel's Hobbies include: Snowboarding, Tennis, Running, Ninja Warrior, Parkour

trish youtube.jpg
Trish Tucker - May
Nutritionist | Gut Specialist

Trish was awarded Nutritionist of the year, and is a testament to her commitment to getting results with clients.

Trish uses wholefoods, juicing, natural medicine and ancient wisdom so you can feel better inside and out.

If you want to get more energy and feel happier but still eat the foods you love, then working with Trish is a must.

Working with a nutritionist could save your life, and is never too late to make some changes.


Our mission is to give you the best treatment possible, and so we are currently in discussions with new associates that will help bring your overall health and life to the next level.

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After decades of dealing with the challenges of injuries in sport, relationships and life I founded inner SISU to reach out to people all around the world who know what it is like to deal with the debilitating pain, the anxiety, the suffering and loneliness as a result of injury.

If only 20 years ago i had the support, guidance and knowledge that i have now, i would have conquered my challenges and pushed through the fears that held me back 100% faster

Many times i questioned everything, including why did this have to happen to me? why did everything i worked so hard for and loved so much get taken away from me?

Mindset was a key focus in progress and triumphs on my journey. Spending 10's of thousands of dollars learning the best ways to become aware of what was holding me back and how to change that moving forward.

While mindset is 80% of the battle, it wasn't going to fix my injury, the strength i lost when i felt i needed to hide way, but it did put me in a good position to deal with it.

My physical therapy journey started out (at 16 years old) where i was wrongly under the impression, ill go see a few people here and there and ill get fixed and ill be good to go again... and got the shock of a lifetime when time after time, i went back to doctors, specialist, massage therapists, chiropractors, osteopaths, physiotherapists, trigger point therapists, podiatrists... Don't get me wrong, all these professionals are great and have their place but i would come out sometimes, that same day, days later, or weeks later where i was back to square one. I was doing what they were giving me, but it didn't seem to be changing things in the long run. One thing would get better, another thing would get worse, everything got worse, and id go back and they would do the same thing again and again. 

I was nearly at my end. Continual Self Sabotage, Depression, Suicidal thoughts, Hating life, a hospital stint, chronic fatigue, just hoping and praying for a life line, for a way out...

I was given the opportunity to attend an event, learning from the best. This lead me to saying yes to an opportunity that gave me a free consultation into how to reduce and even the potential to illuminate chronic pain. Like with most things, i had the thought it may, or it may not, but i'm going to give it a shot.

Was i glad i did? You better believe it.

1 hr a day and my chronic pain reduced by 50% in a couple weeks. I knew i was onto something, and that was only the start! Once i understood the philosophy behind it and the main difference between this and all the other treatments i previously had, it made complete sense to me.

And now i want to give the same opportunity to you and everyone else around the world to take back control of your mind and body, restore it to its optimum function and take your life to the next level and live the life you deserve to live.


(Nigel Plumb)

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