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Strategic Mind Management

It is a well known fact that 80% of all success is in the mindset. You may have heard the Henry Ford quote ~ whether you think you can, or think you can't, you're right. This statement is the basis of any successful mindset. This is because, there are two types of influences in anything that we do; internal influences and external influences:

  1. Internal influences are what an individual believes, thinks, feels, says & does.

  2. External influences are anything that something or someone else does, or says to you or any event or situation that happens.


The Henry Ford quote is based on internal influences, as these are the only influences we have the ability to control. So the key question becomes, do you agree or disagree with Henry Ford? 

Here at inner SISU our focus is on what success looks like for the client, what is holding the client back and the best way to go about achieving success, holistically, for lasting change. 


This is the reason we use our 4 Step Process. Each step on its own is effective, but when put together it magnifies transformation and maximises results.


Have you ever tried to think when under pressure, or when you are overwhelmed or stressed?

A big influence in how much a client gets out of the session is how well they can focus through the session.

Whether you've had a bad day, week or month, we want our clients to get the most out of each session. This is why we start with a head/neck/shoulder massage for our in-person clients. For our virtual/video clients, we start with stretching and breathing techniques to calm the mind and loosen the body.



Now that you've been able to calm the mind & body, this step 2 is a crucial component. Have you heard of the old saying, you can't improve what you don't measure? You must first know where you are & where you want to be, so you can work out the next steps. Each session we review your achievements since the previous session, what has/hasn’t been working, where the resistance is, and to work through and set actions to move forward with.

Here we use a process called Strategic Intervention. This process is based on extracting the most powerful forms of strategic action and communication from a variety of disciplines, including: Ericksonian Therapy, Strategic Family Therapy, Human Needs Psychology, organizational psychology, neurolinguistics, psychology of influence, strategic studies, traditions of diplomacy & negotiation and others.


As humans, there is always so much going on externally, but also internally in our minds consciously, and more importantly subconsciously. The subconscious mind is a million times more powerful then the conscious mind and 95-99% of our daily lives operate from the subconscious. The subconscious mind is like a storage box that stores everything that happens in your life; formed by experiences, beliefs and repetition, that create a set of programs which run automatically. Its the reason, you can get home safe when driving and talking on the phone at the same time. Majority of ones beliefs are formed by the age of 7 and which unless changed, will govern how you think, feel and act most of your lives.

Want to know the great thing though?

Beliefs can be changed, in particular, our limiting beliefs that hold us back from achieving what we want. Limiting beliefs create resistance and conflict with our desires. While there is a conflict, the process to success is a lot slower and more painful.

We can change our beliefs in the conscious state or the subconscious state. By being able to tap in the processes that run our daily lives on autopilot, we are able to reduce the resistance to change, which enables us to align your beliefs with your desires quicker and more effectively. 

So how do we tap into the subconscious mind?

We use a safe and effective process called hypnosis. You can check out our FAQ's to explain more about our safe hypnosis process, the associated myths with hypnosis, and how its difference from the stage show hypnotists you may have seen or heard of.

Stones of Meaning


Now that your body and mind are relaxed, and we understand where the resistance is, and you are now in a safe hypnotic state, step 4 is where the change continues. We start to rewire your beliefs using a permissive process to bridge the gap and help align the mind with who you need to be to achieve your desires and dreams. 

We understand that every ones situation is different, and we are committed to igniting, empowering, and guiding our clients and creating global change in the area of injury & pain management and performance & recovery.

Our focus is on you getting the outcome you need to move your life to the next level, and live a life free from limitation. The next step in building strength and success is to follow the instructions below and book your free discovery session to discuss your desires, dreams, and current needs.


  1. Complete the questionnaire below

  2. Book your discovery session for 48-72 hrs after to discuss

Book Discovery Session

book your free online (via zoom) discovery session below.

If there is no time slot that suits you, please send an email to and we will contact you to arrange a suitable time.


In your FREE Discovery Session you will discuss:

  • Goals and desires

  • Limitations

  • Resources

  • Strategic Action Plan

Please Note:

If you have booked a discovery session without completing the questionnaire, your discovery session may be canceled by our admin.

Here at inner SISU we understand your time is precious, all that we ask is that you consider our time as well.

Many thanks,

inner SISU Management.

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