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The inner SiSU difference

Have you ever wished you were further ahead then where you are, or thought you'd have more then what you do right now?


inner SiSU is the difference between where you are and where you want to be; the bridge over the valley.

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Hi there, I'm Nigel Plumb. I created inner SiSU after 20+ years of dealing with debilitating physical and mental pain from injuring my back playing soccer at nationals. This resulted in chronic pain, depression, loss of identity, self isolation, even to points where i had suicidal thoughts..

I was lucky enough to start my personal development journey after being given the opportunity to attend a Tony Robbins event. I learnt everything I could & began to see the light and hope. I was able to overcome depression and take back control of my mind, my thoughts, my beliefs and feelings.

But, my back pain was still ongoing, 1 step forward, 2 steps back, doing the best i could with what i had, and ended up back to square one, couldn't go and exercise without being in pain, so gave up everything again. I thought id done everything I could... until i came across an opportunity that changed the game! with commitment and dedication i was able to go from living with daily chronic pain, to having days where I was free from pain.

Knowing how much pain affected my life, the challenges it gave me, and knowing that overcoming both physical and mental pain is achievable, i wanted to prevent others from going through what i had to go through. I wanted to help others to experience less pain, and get through it quicker, gain hope and be able to love life and do the things that matter to them!

So I retrained as a Strategic Intervention Coach, Postural Alignment Specialist and Exercise Therapist and trained in Hypnotherapy and Relaxation Massage. I knew a holistic approach, of the body, mind and spirit was needed in order to create lasting change.

So let's start at step 1!

Where are you now. Some people dont actually know where they are. How about you?
The most critical part about knowing where you are, is that its a true representation of you. If you're not real, honest, and true to yourself, you'll always be building the bridge from the wrong spot.

Could you be overexaggerating and making yourself look better? or maybe even worse? 

And then there's others, who don't know what their goal, purpose, happiness is and what it looks like, feels like, smells like, or tastes like.

Have you got a clear vision of your future?

Without knowing where you're going, you could end up anywhere.

You could be taking the bridge and getting to your destination quicker and easier while enjoying the view. Or, you could be climbing down around the cliff, concentrating hard on each section, hoping not to fall off, having to cross the deep channel below, then finding your way back up the steep cliff with so much effort and energy, you feel drained, alone and you missed out on the amazing view, the experience and the joy of living life.
So, which way would you prefer?

Here at inner SiSU our focus is on the holistic way for lasting change. So what does this actually mean?

Not only do we help you discover, re-discover or ensure you have clarity on where you are and where you want to be, we dive deep into all areas of life, so the bridge that's built is sustainable.


The Mind - taking control of the mind, instead of allowing the mind to control you, your emotions and your identity.


The Body - relieve the physical pain, reinstate functional mobility and building strength for longevity.

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The Spirit - the connection between your body and mind, finding your inner peace, inner joy and the inner you.

Over the 20 years of self discovery, and overcoming my challenges, the biggest thing that I lacked was the guidance and support from someone who had been there before and knew what it took to get through it, someone I could reach out to, talk to, discuss with, and also call me out when I was making excuses, but most importantly, someone who had my back.

We offer Education, Guidance & Support

Personal Trainer Stretching Session
Intense Training

From naivety to knowledge;

you only know what you know, what you know got you to where you are, so learn what you need to know to get to where you want to be. 

From feeling helpless and stuck to having hope & seeing the light; using the knowledge combined with strategies to unstick what's holding you back and creating a blueprint that is visible, achievable, and fulfilling

From feeling alone to someone having your back;

showing up and helping you work through your challenges, believing in you even when you don't believe in your self.

Start today to create effective change and check out our

1st Steps to Building Strength & Success

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