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Have you ever felt like you have been controlling a situation but no matter what you said or did, the outcome didn't change? It was nearly as if there was actually someone or something taking charge and controlling the outcome? Even when it appeared like you were the only one there?

 On the other hand you may have been in a situation where you felt stuck, where you would like something to happen, but you didn't have the courage to say or do something, and fortunately, the outcome was the outcome you wanted?

Both of these situations are in the realm of UNDER-CONTROL

On average the typical human lives 27,375 days...

How many more days are you wanting to be in a situation where you are UNDER-CONTROL?

Are the odds in your favour?

Are you willing to leave it to chance?

Big Situations are when big decisions are made... Have you ever been at a point in your life? where you had a choice... it was decision day... and it was that big decision that could change the course of your life in a big way?

 The same goes when feeling the pain of an injury

or at your breaking point and feeling fatigue...

Your judgement is clouded.. even when you think you are seeing clearly, or fight or flight kicks in and you become a passenger.

Do you want to be under-control and live life where every day is like having clouds in the sky, not sure whether its going to rain or storm

or like a passenger where you are constantly fearing what will be because you have left it to chance?

Our brain keeps us under-control  

today is the day where you start to take control of what you have been under control of.

Don't get me wrong, its not every second of every day we are under control

the less time we spend under control the more time we can spend in control and the greater the decision making and the greater the RESULT and the greater the quality of LIFE.

LEARN HOW TO go from UNDER control to IN control

through a simple exercise we have created for you.

Send us a DM for the exercise.

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