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What if i told you...

You're only 1 hour a day away, and you could be free from chronic pain?

Give me 1 hour and I’ll show you how you can...


✅ free yourself from chronic pain

✅ prevent injury

✅ enhance performance and recovery




You can continue doing what you’ve always done and continue getting what you’ve always got.

Get your no obligation free assessment today!

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Awesome, Great Start.

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Hi I’m Nigel Plumb, Certified Posture Alignment Specialist and Strategic Intervention Coach @ inner SiSU.


I founded inner SiSU based on the meaning of the Finnish word SiSU; having the strength, determination and never give up mentality to overcome any challenge in the face of adversity.

Before I tell you about how I eliminated chronic pain in 1 hour a day..


I’d like to tell you a short story about how I first failed to find the right approach that worked for me, and how that failure forced me into depression, a loss of identity, and a life that was spiraling out of control.

I remember it like it was yesterday, I was 16 years old playing soccer, in the finals at nationals... It was foul play.. I was tripped over and kneed in the back. I couldn't continue, excruciating pain, infected kidney, and defect in spine.


Sport was my life… what I lived for… and it was taken away.. just like that.


I lost count on how many times I questioned everything, including why did this have to happen to me? why did everything I worked so hard for and loved so much get taken away from me??

I was only 16… and of course I thought, ill go see a few people here and there and ill get fixed and ill be good to go again... and then got the shock of a lifetime when time after time, I went back to doctors, specialist, massage therapists, chiropractors, osteopaths, physiotherapists, trigger point therapists, podiatrists...

Don't get me wrong, all these professions are great and have their place but I would come out sometimes, that same day, days later, or weeks later where I was back to square one. I was doing what they were giving me, but it didn't seem to be changing things in the long run.. One thing would get better, another thing would get worse, everything got worse, and id go back and they would do the same thing again and again, and I was starting to go insane.

If only 20 years ago I had the support, guidance and knowledge that I have now, I would have conquered my challenges and pushed through the fears that held me back 100% faster.

Mindset was a key focus in progress and triumphs on my journey. Spending 10's of thousands of dollars learning the best ways to become aware of what was holding me back and how to change that moving forward.

While understanding mindset is 80% of the battle, it wasn't going to fix my injury, the strength I lost when I felt I needed to hide way, but it got me to a point where I was willing to do what ever it took to overcome it.

I was nearly at my end.. Continual Self Sabotage, Depression, Suicidal thoughts, hating life, a hospital stint, chronic fatigue, just hoping and praying for a life line, for a way out...

I was given the opportunity to attend an event, learning from the best. An opportunity to take back control of my life.

As part of the event I was given the opportunity to have a free consultation to learn how to eliminate chronic pain.

I’m a realist, and of course was skeptical, I’d seen so many people and nothing fixed me… why was this going to be any different… and that voice (you know.. the annoying one that normally pushes us out of our comfort zone..) said to me... What If.. this could help.. what do I have to lose..


By listening, learning, and taking action; 1 hour a day and my chronic pain reduced by 50% in a couple weeks.

For me.. I’m a very technical and analytical person, and once I understood the philosophy behind it and the main difference between this and all the other treatments I previously had, it made complete sense to me.

Continual determination and dedication, day in, day out, I was starting to get through the day without the pain affecting my focus, attitude, behavior or decision making. I started to get back into sport and the activities I loved.

I got to the point where I couldn’t keep this to myself, if I could prevent someone from having to go through the decades of depression, pain, anxiety, suffering and loneliness that I went through, then it would all be worth it..

So here I am, as a certified postural alignment specialist and strategic intervention coach, in front of you, offering you the same opportunity that changed my life for ever…

Take advantage of this opportunity today

Take back control, live the life you deserve to live & get your free postural alignment assessment.

Let's Get

You Started!

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Let me ask you..

What happens if you don't water a plant?

- It dies

What happens if you don't get a wheel alignment when you get new car tyres? 

- Your tyres wear uneven and wear out quicker.

What happens if you try and use a spoon to cut a steak?

- It doesn't cut very well, if at all..

The same goes for your body and its alignment…

If you dont fuel it right and you dont keep it aligned, organs wont function properly, muscles wont work correctly, and therefore you start to use the wrong muscles for everyday function.

This can result in compensations and dysfunctions throughout your entire body, resulting in muscle injuries, worn out discs, joints and pain.

A common misconception is, the pain you are having is considered the problem, and so most practitioners will treat the symptom. The symptom can be often diagnosed as pain or a muscle injury and practitioners can eliminate the pain or rehabilitate that muscle and build that muscle back up.

So then I’d like to ask you..

Why does the pain come back?

Or why does that muscle continue to get injured?

Because the underlying problem that is causing the symptom has not been corrected.

Another misconception is that people will have surgery to get a joint replacement, because the joint is worn out and that is considered the problem and causing pain.

So let me ask you..

Why do some people wear their joints out and others don't?

Why is one side normally worse then the other?

Why does having surgery to get a new joint not fix the symptom? Or eliminate pain? Or allow you to function properly?

Because the underlying problem that is causing the joint to wear out has not been corrected.

And this is why we need to correct the underlying cause.


Firstly you must understand, that bones do what muscles tell them to. Your body moves because your brain triggers muscle action which then moves your skeleton to the extent of a joints range of motion.

If you consider the game tug-of-war, where you have two teams, one on either end of a rope, trying to pull the other team past the middle line.

Now, If we think about each team as being a muscle and in this instance lets consider one team being the muscles in the front of your body (called the flexors) and the other team being the muscles in the back of your body (called the extensors).

In tug-of-war, there's typically only one scenario that plays out. Teams will fatigue until one team out powers the other and there is only one winner.

Now this is the outcome that happens with most people. Either the flexor muscles (front team) or the extensor muscles (back team) out powers the other and you get results like the postures below:


The body needs to compensate in order to balance and remain standing. The body will continue to compensate until one or multiple parts cannot compensate any more.


The body tells you this with pain in one form or another.


The longer the body is in compensation mode, the greater the chance of dysfunction in one or more parts of your body. As a result it is extremely common that the site of pain is actually not the site of the problem.

Secondly, you need to consider what correct alignment is and compare this to your current alignment. This will determine the deviations, compensations and dysfunctions your body is operating with.

Thirdly, you need to build a HOLISTIC blueprint to treat the symptom and correct the underlying cause. We build your blueprint based on:

  • 5 guiding principles

  • 8 Laws of Physical Health

  • Combination of Mental and Physical Strategies & Techniques

  • Incorporating AI (artificial intelligence) to enhance effectiveness

  • The ability to utilise the strategies & techniques anywhere, anytime


We offer a no obligation free postural assessment.

What’s included:

Full visual and functional assessment of your body

✅ Understanding how your body deviates from optimal design function,

✅ Diagnosis of whether your deviations are compensations or dysfunctions.

✅ Strategic Action Plan to correct the underlying cause


Relieve & Eliminate Chronic Pain & enhance your positive mindset

✅ Prevent Injuries & avoid spending time on the side lines

✅ Speed-up recovery so you're back doing what you love sooner

✅ Enhance Performance to be your best & compete with the best

✅ Improve your range of motion to move more freely & breathe easier

✅ Increase your strength; agility, endurance, power & speed.

✅ Increase flexibility and stability from head to toe.

✅ Feel more relaxed & loose, helping you sleep better

✅ Gain full body awareness & improve focus

✅ Gain confidence to sky-rocket your results


Free yourself and live a life free from limitations

Take back control, live the life you deserve and get your free postural alignment assessment.

Let's Get

You Started!

submit your details below and we'll see you on the next page

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Awesome, Great Start.


aisyah1 (1).jpg

Aisyah G, Olympian

Nigel was one of the first few people I called when I was in South Korea after I qualified for the Olympics in a life-changing race because I feel that he has definitely helped me change the way I look at things which made me a better and stronger athlete mentally. For me, it was important to trust the person and Nigel was a good listening ear and I didn’t feel uncomfortable telling him what I really felt.”

mark otoole.jpg

Mark O, Wildfit Coach

Nigel, knows a heck of a lot, well connected with the human psyche, great guy, great coach and fully recommend him

Gen P.jpg.opt224x224o0,0s224x224.jpg

Gen P

"I’m grateful for the opportunities Coaching has given me (directly/indirectly) to learn more about myself and reflect on my strengths and passions and which areas I need to draw attention to, to grow. Thank you for your role in allowing me to feel safe in being vulnerable with you!"

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