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There are many SUCCESSFUL and THOUGHT LEADERS in the world today.

Hear what others are saying about Nigel @ inner SiSU

“Nigel was one of the first few people I called when I was in South Korea after I qualified for the Olympics in a life-changing race because I feel that he has definitely helped me change the way I look at things which made me a better and stronger athlete mentally. For me, it was important to trust the person and Nigel was a good listening ear and I didn’t feel uncomfortable telling him what I really felt.”

Aisyah G - Singapore

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"I’m grateful for the opportunities Coaching has given me (directly/indirectly) to learn more about myself and reflect on my strengths and passions and which areas I need to draw attention to, to grow. Thank you for your role in allowing me to feel safe in being vulnerable with you!"

Gen P - Australia

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