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This may sound like a play on words,
and you would be right.

That is exactly how your brain works.

Your brain cant distinguish between how others think about you and how you think about yourself, as it is all relative to yourself.

Now you may be confused right now, and thinking, yeah but if someone says somethign to me, my brain is hearing what they say and therefore, what i hear is what they think about me...

And thats where alot of people make the mistake.

Have you ever been in a situation where you have mad a comment, complimented someone, tried to do something for someone, and that person reacted completely different to how you expected and took it the complete opposite way to what you were meaning?

The environment we grew up in, the things our parents taught us, the experiences we had, all shape who we are and why we think what we think, and the meaning we give to certain situations.
The great thing about it all, is that everything we went through got us to where we are now..
everything thing has a purpose and a positive intent behind it. But one positive intent can be another's negative intent/emotion.

We are all unique in our own way, and the same in a unique way. We are all uniquely the same in the sense that we will all Believe what we hear, Believe what we see, so if we see what we hear, then we are what we believe.

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