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The 3 Massive Mistakes Most People Make
1. Being Under Control vs IN-control
Can you remember a time when you wanted to do something, but didn't..
Because you were too worried about what might happen?
You may have been tense, stressed, sick, shaking,
agitated, anxious, on-edge, worried or more.
When you look back at that time, you wish you had of followed through, and
you wish you had the courage and strength, but something was missing?

And if you were just given another chance, you would have given it a go,
but that chance never came
In those moments we are UNDER-control and not IN-control.

Our brains are wired to protect us, alert us of danger, by creating
fear and uncertainty to minimise potential harm to our body.
Like the saying 'you are what you eat', 'we are what we think'.
By learning how to RE-WIRE your brain, you can create more EXCITEMENT than
fear, and
RE-GAIN CONTROL so you don't have to look back on your life and think, WHAT IF.
2. Confuse YOU with you
every day, this is the way most people stay..
Have you ever been in a situation where you thought you knew what the other person was thinking or feeling, and when they share with you it was the complete opposite to what you thought or felt?
Who you think you are, and who you think other people think you are
are the two biggest Empowering and Dis-empowering Beliefs you can have.
These beliefs WILL determine your success level from amateur to Elite.
We often confuse who we are with who we think others think we are,
based on how others act towards us.
We create an identity based on this.
The identity we create,
Is the identity we believe, and
Is the identity we become.
By learning how to un-confuse YOU with you, and how to RE_SHAPE your IDENTITY
to empower and align with the true you, your dreams of today will be the reality of your tomorrow.

3. Looking in the Wrong Place  for the 'gold'

Looking for treasure is like trying to live the life of your dreams. If there is a treasure chest full of gold (i.e. your life dreams) and there were two treasure maps, one map leads you to the gold and one that leads you to nothing, and all you have to do is make sure you have the right map, and you could be living the life of your dreams.


If you have the wrong map, no matter how hard you try, or how closely you follow it, the chance of finding the treasure is extremely low, because you are looking in the wrong place.


So would you want to be using the wrong or right map when working toward living the life of your dreams?


In life there are the highs, the lows, the pain, the happiness, the success,
and sometimes it’s like there is no certainty of when one or the other is going to happen,
and everything is holding on by a thread, that can break at any time.


To gain more certainty, and prevent the threads from breaking, there needs to be something stronger holding it all together. Just like the saying; if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Instead of everything happening by chance, there needs to be a plan. This plan is the blue print that acts like glue to hold everything together.

It is stronger, more flexible, more durable, more compatible and responsive.


Creating a simple and economical BLUE PRINT (like our PHD Formula) that is personalised to you, is the key to finding the map and unlocking the Treasure Chest to your dreams.


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