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The Three Keys You Need To Succeed

After working with clients from all walks of life, from Amateur Athletes to Olympians, from Teenagers to Retirees and understanding what hasn’t worked for them and why it wasn’t working, I realized the three key elements you NEED to succeed are:

  1. Hard work

  2. Heart

  3. Help

They seem simple, don’t they?

So why is it most people still find it difficult to succeed at the top level?


People who don’t succeed either don’t have all three, or aren’t using all three at the same time.

WHY? If you ONLY have HARD WORK...

  1. you will get to a point where you will give up as you are NO longer passionate because you don’t have any HEART

  2. you will keep doing the same thing over and over because you don’t know what you don't know, and you won’t have support or encouragement when you need it the most. This is because you don’t have HELP

If you ONLY have HEART...

  1. you won’t do what you need to do because it takes more effort than you want to put in, because you are afraid of HARD WORK.

  2. when you start to fail over and over in order to learn what you need to learn, you start to lose trust in yourself, because you don’t have HELP.

If you ONLY have HELP...

  1. you will waste your time, your money and sanity because you aren’t dedicated to do what you need to do and put in the HARD WORK.

  2. nothing else will matter, as you won’t be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel, because when you don’t have HEART, there is no light, there is no spark, there is only dark.

So, which of the three do you have?

Which of the three do you need to get?

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