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3 Major Mistakes People with Chronic Pain Make


What does this mean?

Have you ever tried to stand on one foot?

Your body will shift in order to compensate so that the body can remain balanced and stay upright. This compensation means certain muscles are being used over and above there optimally functioning capacity.

Its like when we have an injury, the site of the injury cannot take the usual weight and force and so other components of the body must compensate in order for you to stay balanced, upright, and function on a daily basis.

So, now by understanding the body works and moves as a unit, it makes sense that in order to get the body back to optimal health, we need to treat the body like it functions, as a unit.

What happens if you continue making this mistake?

  • You’ll continue to be in pain

  • Feel frustrated and stuck

  • Be mentally drained

  • Limited motivation

  • Make poor decisions, due to lack in focus and mental fogginess.

  • Not be able to do the things you love

What happens when you stop making this mistake?

  • You will start to eliminate chronic pain

  • You will gain awareness in your body and start to feel and move freely

  • Your mind becomes clearer and you start to make better decisions

  • You start to gain focus

  • Motivation will improve

  • You will be able to do more of what you love


What does this mean?

As explained in mistake #1; the body is unique and has the ability to compensate, but only for a period of time.

After this period of time, the compensation will turn into a dysfunction. Depending on the severity and length of time your body is compensating, you may now have multiple dysfunctions.

Most people will complain about pain (symptom), and most practitioners will treat the symptom (pain). But the problem is… the pain is most commonly felt at the site of the compensation, and not the dysfunction.

Looking at the image to the left, position a) asymmetrical, the majority of weight is to one side. Now the weight bearing leg is compensating for the other leg and has to do twice the amount of work as per normal function. Here a client will typically come in complaining about pain on the weight bearing side.

While it is important to relieve the pain, the pain is not the problem, the pain is the result of the underlying cause. The real concern is why is the body bearing weight on one side more then the other.

By correcting the underlying cause (dysfunctions), we can correct the compensations and eliminate the pain.

What happens if you continue making this mistake?

  • Lose hope that you will ever be pain free

  • Frustration turns into anger, and you take it out on others (without even knowing)

  • You limit your success

  • You experience a roller coaster of emotions regularly

  • It will continue to effect every area of life, and life will control you,

What happens when you stop making this mistake?

  • You will start to treat the real reason you are experiencing pain

  • You begin to take control of your mind & body

  • You get to start taking back control of your life

  • You feel invigorated, energised and excited

  • You gain strength, confidence and hope


What does this mean?

Have you ever been given a generic training program, that was initially designed based on someone else, and you didn’t get the same results they got?

There is so much information out there as to what you should do, how to do it, and how often you should do it. But without a personalised program specific to you, your results will be limited.

Generalised treatment means, your specific challenges, injuries, daily activities, lifestyle, beliefs and dreams haven't been considered, and therefore you don't get the maximum results possible.

When dealing with chronic pain; a generalised program may reduce your chronic pain by anywhere from 0% - 20%. All in all, that may be a reasonable result, for some. But if you are anything like me, after dealing with chronic pain for nearly 20 years, 20% wasn't going to cut it, I wanted to be free from chronic pain, which I was told can be achieved.

What happens if you continue making this mistake?

  • You’ll limit your results

  • You’ll settle

  • You’ll feel like you don't deserve any better

  • You’ll get or remain depressed because you feel like you cant have what you really want

  • You’ll push away everyone who matters to you

  • You’ll feel alone, and ultimately end up being alone

What happens when you stop making this mistake?

  • You start to love life again

  • You start to attract the things that matter to you

  • You feel like your old self again

  • You start to excel in other areas of life

  • You feel like anything is possible


OPTION 1: go it alone, and risk getting what you have always got and stay where you are

OPTION 2: fast track your results and get your personalised step-by-step proven strategy to success by getting access to your personalised treatment, that will treat your body as a unit, focus on the underlying cause, and like me, you could be only 1 hr a day away, and you’re free from chronic pain.

Don't miss out!!

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